About Us

Who puts this thing together anyway?

Mama Craft Organizers

Working together to make sure your spending money supports fellow mamas.


Need to know where the planets and stars were when you were born? Need info on how to homeschool? Or may you just need to be around someone with big and grand ideas-- Kelley is your gal.


An office lacky by day, mom and suburban zookeeper at night Spencer is our i dotting and t crossing record keeper.


Soft looking on the outside but balanced on the inside, Brittnie provides valuable insight into how we operate Mama Craft and how we communicate with others.


Not only does Lucibel allow us the use of her space to host Mama Craft twice a year, but she is our bulldog and is always willing to have the tough conversations for us!


If it's an inspiring meme on our Instagram, or an awesome new hashtag-- That's Kristen. Without her we'd be paying some high school kid to do our social media for us.

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